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We empower you with solutions and resources that helps you launch a career in tech and build the future!

Tech Semester: instructor-led tech skills training
Tech Semester: instructor-led tech skills training

We’ve Got You Covered

Transitioning Into Tech

All the information and guide you need to start your tech career

Learning Skills

Learn from industry veterans and gain hands-on experience

Finding a Community

Be like Liverpool, never learn alone. There's a community for every path

Our Interests

Our ecosystem covers knowledge expertise across the following services.

Data & AI

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Software & Cloud

Frontend, Backend engineering for web apps. DevOps, Mobile, Cloud computing etc.

Blockchain & Cyber Security

Blockchain and it's broard applications. Cyber Security for the digital world

Products, Design, Marketing & Sales

Product design & management; UI/UX; digital marketing and sales of digital products.

Technology Talents

Every business in the future will require technology in different ways. When that happens, the demand for tech talents to power the massive digital transformation will sky rocket. At Tech Semester, we're using a unique model to increase the number of tech talent supply from Africa to the Africa and the World.
We're empowering the African population with tools needed to invent the future.


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Our new ecosystem will help you discover and understand the world of tech, learn directly from industry veterans and help you find like minded learners

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