Our Training Programs

There are online pre-recorded courses. This approach buys you the benefit of learning at your pace and at anytime. There are instructor-led courses (online or physical). This buys you the opportunity to ask questions and sometime ensures you fully understand. There are internships that gives you hands-on trainings. But we offer a hybrid model optimized to give you maximum value at the lowest price possible.
It was necessary for us to innovate the training delivery model to help improve the quality of tech talents being graduated from online courses. Yes, at the end of any of our cohort, you would have completed an online course, built a minimum of 4 projects for your portfolio, had inter study group hackathons and learnt a lot of industry hacks and career insights for your chosen track that is hardly included in online courses. We call them instructor led bootcamps.

Bootcamp model

Pre-recorded Course

You firstly get access to a publicly available pre-recorded course content that serves as primary learning resource throughout the program.

Study Group

You get into a study group of 5-10 members and have a dedicated group chat for co-learning and brainstorming assignments, projects and competitions.

Dedicated Coach

You get a dedicated coach for the study group and yourself. This coach ensures you complete the course, attempt weekly tasks and personally helps out with bugs and challenges.

Assignments, Projects and mini Hackathon

Every week has a key focus on an assignment or project which you'd work on as a group whilst relying on your pre-recorded course, study group partners, and dedicated coach.

A Lead Instructor

Your lead instructor is an industry professional with a minimum of 5 years working experience who designs and scrutinizes the course syllabus, designs the assignments, projects and tasks, holds live sessions with you and provides you career hacks and insights to fast track your growth and performance.

Live Sessions

2 weekly live sessions (4 hours and on weekends) to facilitate Questions and Answers, coaching and a lot of other activities packed already for learners. This doesn't include your sessions with study group and coach. These live sessions are led by the lead instructor.


All our bootcamps are currently pegged at  N10,000.

We have very few slots reserved for verified undergraduates at N5,000 per cohort. This helps us achieve our mission above.

Contact admin@techsemester to claim reserved slots for any of our bootcamps.

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