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Watch short insightful videos from leading professionals helping you discover a preferred career path in tech and navigate your journey much easier and faster

Increasing Africa's Tech Talent Supply

In this 4th industrial revolution where technology is positively disrupting every sector and industry, one key advantage for accelerated development is a tech empowered workforce.
At Tech Semester, we empower complete beginners with resources to uncover and map a fitting career path in the tech space
Our bootcamps then empowers talents with optimized trainings that fast tracks their career walk
Since every can't study computer sciences, we give you tech semesters to meet the huge demand for tech talents and prepare young professionals for the future of work

We’ve Got You Covered

Career School

We aggregate insightful short courses from leading industry professionals that addresses making a tech career choice and accelerating your growth in any chosen track

Boot camps

Our bootcamps are an innovative model for acquiring tech skills that focuses on those metrics that really matter. Understanding the concepts, portfolio of projects, industry hacks from experienced professionals to fast track growth and avoid unnecessary time waste

Learning Community

Get access to a community of learners learning the same thing you; get access to resources and enjoy your learning experience.

We are centralizing
tech career insights

With help from the professional community, we're building a robust digital library of insights such that you could easily tell any complete tech beginner to visit techsemester.com and he gets a satisfying sense of direction on which tech career path to settle for, and what the requirements of the industry are.

Our Focus

Our bootcamps cuts across the following technologies. We are actively improving this and in no time, we will cover many other subjects that interests our audience

Data Analytics

Using tools like Python, SQL, Power BI

Web Development

Using Javascript, Vue.js, Angular, HTML, CSS, MEAN Stack

Android development

Android Development

Using Java, Kotlin, Flutter, XML

Learn premium technology skills

Other technologies

Python - Django, node.js, and random tracks depending on popular demands

Bootcamp Model

During onboarding, you'll get paired with a study group of 5 - 10 members. All your activities during the bootcamp will be with your study group partners. You'll brainstorm weekly tasks together but come up with different solutions. You'll have weekly sessions with voice and video on our dedicated platform to enable this.

Study Group Coach. Your dedicated study group coach ensures that you and every member of your study group gets maximum value from the bootcamp. He ensures you're on track with the program timeline, following through with your online course, participating in weekly tasks and helps out with bugs or challenges you and your study group comes across. Your study group will have a fixed session with your coach weekly.

Every week has a focus on one major task. At the end of the bootcamp, you'll also do a capstone project. You're expected to provide a solution to weekly tasks utilizing your study group, your coach and the recommended course as resource and references. Your coach will only provide hints, you are to solve.

You'll be given link to a publicly available pre-recorded course as learning resource for the duration of the bootcamp. This will help provide information and insights as to how to solve your weekly tasks.

Twice every week, the whole class will be having live sessions with the lead instructor for the bootcamp. The lead instructor is a working professional with 5+ years of experience in the field. He has produced all the weekly tasks and project you'll be working with. Your live session covers further lectures, inter study group hackathons, solutions to tasks, industry hacks and insights and a lot more. This happens only on weekends to accommodate your different schedules and is definitely recorded. This live session doesn't include your session with your study group and coach

All our bootcamps are currently pegged at  N10,000.

We have very few slots reserved for verified undergraduates at N5,000 per cohort. This helps us achieve our mission above.

Contact admin@techsemester to claim reserved slots for any of our bootcamps.

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